Thursday, April 28, 2016

What life has taught me, so far

Believe in yourself.
Turn up the music, tap your foot.
Eat dessert first.

Accept that not every issue is black or white, this side of the fence or the other, right or wrong. Allow some gray to seep into your life.

Don’t be afraid of bugs, they’re smaller than you. My father used to tell me this.

Fall in love. Deeply. Passionately. Even if it doesn’t last, you’ll be a far better person for having given your heart to another.

Every year, make a list of regrets. Then do something about them.

Create happy memories.
Show interest in others.
Stay in touch with grade school pals.
Say thank you.
Send birthday cards.

Save every birthday card that you are fortunate enough to receive. Put them in a box on the top shelf of your bedroom closet. Later on, when the well of wishes dries up (and it will), you’ll appreciate the cards, and even read them.

When making a list, never have a 1 without a 2, an A without a B. It’s the golden rule of list-making, courtesy of my tenth grade history teacher.

Welcome a pet into your home. It will keep you company, and teach you to love unconditionally.

Do something nice for someone.
Do something nice for yourself.

On Sunday mornings, wake up early. Put the coffee on. Bring in the newspaper. Scramble eggs. Enjoy the day.

Learn your family history. You should know where you come from.

Give someone a hug.

Pay your bills on time.
Tell the truth. (It’s easier in the long run.)
Don’t hold a grudge.

Read old detective novels.
Never sell your Beatle records.
Keep your report cards.

Don’t nag.
Be patient. (Things take time for a reason.)
Be handy.

Attend your high school reunion (but don’t expect much).

Don’t waste money buying cheap furniture. Leave rooms empty, until you can afford to buy things that last, things that truly matter.

Bake your troubles away. A loaf of bread. A pie. Chocolate chip cookies. The calming act of mixing and kneading, sifting and stirring, will take your mind off your woes. And then you get to savor the tasty rewards. Life is heavenly…

To be continued.

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